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Allergies and underlying medical conditions can strike at the most unusual times, and without warning. Luckily, Mediband can prevent you from being caught out with their range of medical ID bracelets.

60 year old Gil Sloan from Crowthorne, Berkshire, is allergic to wasps. One day, four years ago, Gil was playing in a golf competition when he was stung by a wasp, which resulted in him experiencing all the symptoms of a serious allergic reaction. He eventually lost consciousness and woke 15 minutes later to find he was being attended to by the local air ambulance, as none of the club staff had any idea what was wrong with him.


Ambulance Life: Life saving medical ID

It is a well recognised fact in the medical field that instant identification of a person’s pre-diagnosed health condition or allergy can save their life. This is not only proven on a daily basis by paramedics, but it is often one of the primary things pointed out to delegates on first aid training courses.

If the patient is wearing a Mediband indicating their condition, vital seconds can be gained, and suitable treatment can be administered quickly. These vital extra seconds can sometimes be the difference between life and death.

Craig Pyne, Director of North West First Aid recognises the obvious benefits of wearing a Mediband, and comments: “Mediband is the obvious choice to recommend to delegates who attend our training courses. They offer vital medical information and allow for medication to be administered quickly; something, which is vital in a first aid situation. Mediband wristbands are also durable and fit into a patients’ everyday wardrobe without intruding on their personal style.”
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People.co.uk – Health ID Bands

By Samantha Cope on May 7, 2010 10:37 AM in Health

Mediband, the creators of the medical ID bracelets, has just launched in the UK and has produced a range of wristbands designed specifically for people with allergies ranging from food intolerances like nuts and dairy, to medical conditions such as diabetes and epilepsy.
The launch comes on the back of new NHS figures which show a significant rise in the number of emergency adrenaline injectors given to patients to fight against severe allergies. 211.040 injectors were issued in 2008, compared with just 25,320 in 1995 – a rise of more than 700%.
Prices for the bands range from £2.08 to £1.03, depending on the size of the order.
Further information on the Mediband wristbands is available from www.mediband.co.uk.

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