Medical ID Connected to MediBandPlus Could Save Your Life

medical IDIn an emergency situation, time really matters. First responders need to arrive on-scene and treat victims as quickly as possible. In the same breath, they need to ensure they’re administering proper care. Improper treatment or medication-related problems can quickly turn a minor mishap into a significant medical emergency.  People suffering from specific conditions or allergies to medicine want that information easily accessible. That way, those who may be providing emergency care will know what to do – and how to avoid a medication-related error.  How can EMTs or other medical professionals obtain this type of information quickly and easily? The answer lies in a simple combination: a medical ID bracelet and a subscription to a service like MediBandPlus.

Getting to Know Medical Track & Trace Systems 

In simple terms, MediBandPlus is a medical track and trace service that links EMS responders to important health-related information about subscribers. The service has been simplified to allow the most direct access to critical medication, allergy and other patient information:

1. Subscribers update their MediBandPlus account with their specific information (more on this later).

2. Subscribers wear a medical ID which directs first responders or EMTs to this information.

Wearing a simple medical ID bracelet may seem like a minor preventative measure for a medical emergency. But pairing that ID with quick access to critical medical information provides a powerful protective force in case of emergency.

How MediBandPlus Protects Subscribers with Medical ID

Medical Track & Trace Systems like MediBandPlus offer all of the following benefits:

No-Hassle Information in Emergencies


A medical ID can have the following message on it to direct EMS or other first responders:

“ICE enter my medibandPlus code


The account itself can provide all the medically significant patient information a subscriber wants to include. This includes the following:

Emergency Contact Information
Specific Allergies
Current Medications
Blood Type & Unique Medical Identifiers
Physician/Hospital Information
Organ Donor Wishes

First responders can quickly navigate to the site, enter the code and have access to all of this medical information. That way, they’ll know whether patients have sensitivity to specific medicines or require other treatment options.

Customisable Privacy Settings

In this day and age, privacy and security are highly valued. This holds especially true when it comes to medical records.

MediBandPlus allows users to customise their security and privacy settings for easy access that remains private. All the data and account information are automatically encrypted. Users can then opt for the privacy levels of everything they enter for specific access:

Publicly Accessible Information
Hospital-Only Access
Private, User-Only Data

Alerts to Family & Friends

Other subscription options allow email alerts to family and friends when account data has been accessed. This can give them a quick notification that a potential emergency or medical situation is occurring. That way, they can find out any related information much faster than through traditional medical alerts or hospital phone calls.

Immediate Help for People Who May Need It

medical id

Best of all, a medical ID and connected MediBandPlus subscription provides simple help to those who truly need it. Victims may not be able to alert others to their conditions or allergies in an emergency situation. Rather than risk additional complications, a medical ID solves the problem.

A medical ID isn’t a complicated process for subscribers to wear/use or first responders to access. Instead, it’s simple, straightforward and effective. This is precisely what is most important during a medical emergency.

Keeping People Safer In Case of Emergency

Wearing a medical ID bracelet is a great way to alert people to specific conditions in emergencies. However, technology today can take that type of alert much further. A medical track and trace system like MediBandPlus provides fast and simple access to important information. That type of information can quickly help stop an emergency situation from becoming potentially life-threatening.

With simplified access to medical data, EMTs, hospitals and first responders can get a better understanding of the situation at-hand. That way, they can offer better treatment options to keep people even safer.