Restaurant staff ‘lack knowledge of food allergies’

Many of those employed in restaurant jobs lack knowledge about food allergies, a study has revealed.

Researchers from Brighton and Sussex Medical School telephoned 90 table-service restaurants in Brighton and asked staff members what they knew about food allergies.

Only one-third of respondents said they had received some form of food allergy training.

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Australia ‘on verge of allergy epidemic’

An allergy expert says Australian children have the highest recorded rate of food allergies in the world and warns the statistics could translate into a wave of chronic diseases.

An Australian study involving 5,000 infants has found one in 10 has a food allergy, with the highest rates found among children in Melbourne.

Immunologist Professor Katie Allen from the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute conducted the study.

“We gave the food to the child to see where they had objective reactions of an allergy, and 10 per cent of those children did demonstrate food allergies,” she said.

“We don’t want to be proud to be setting records, but there’s absolutely no doubt that’s the highest rate yet published in the world.”

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