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Calls for kidney disease screening program

The number of Australian children with type 1 diabetes is already high by international standards, but the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare estimates the number will jump a further 10 per cent by 2013.

The findings come amid calls for annual kidney screening tests to pick up the early signs of kidney disease helping those with type 2 or adult-onset diabetes.

Australian children to the age of 14 already have an unenviable rate of type 1 diabetes. In 2008, 138 children per 100,000 were counted as having the disease.

AIHW spokeswoman Anne-Marie Waters says the situation is going to get worse.

“We’ve also projected the prevalence to 2013 and predicted that it will rise by about 10 per cent by that time, so the rates we are predicting will actually rise from about 140 cases per 100,000 children to about 153 cases per 100,000 children,” she said.

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